Ayla Scholz

Ayla Scholz grew up in a variety of places including Austria and a remote northern BC trapline. She graduated from Okanagan College of Massage Therapy in 2013 and has worked in a variety of locations in BC and has just recently returned from a working holiday in New Zealand. Outside of work, Ayla’s passions are focused mainly around horse, travel and getting outside.
Ayla is fascinated by the complexity of the human body and believes in holistic and preventative medicine as a way to be healthy, relaxed and comfortable in your body, no matter what the activity. She sees this is the goal in her massage work.
She will adapt her treatment to whatever will benefit the client most using a variety of techniques but her passion is in myofacial release and unlocking structural dysfunction .She believes in assessing the body as a whole and increasing awareness of how the body works, why imbalance is occurring and what we can do to move easier.

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Call or text Ayla Scholz RMT (250 309 7871) or book online by clicking on the ling below. If you book online less than one hour before your appointment, please send a message to Ayla to confirm that she can take you.